Happy Baisakhi to all.

Written By: Arjun - Apr• 13•14

Hello friends,

Please do accept my heartfelt good wishes on the joyous occasion of Baisakhi. May Wahe Guruji bless all souls with happiness and peace.




Regarding my New show

Written By: Arjun - Apr• 04•14

Hi Friends,

I know how much you all are waiting anxiously to see me on screen. Queries regarding the same are being asked repeatedly. News about a new show is already on the rounds. I have not yet signed the same and would be doing so only next month. As of now simply few pilots are being shot. Only after I sign the show and things are finalised, I can give you all more details. Thanks lot for showing love!



Which one do you like most?

Written By: Arjun - Mar• 28•14

Hello friends,

So how did your holi went off?

Read many asking about my new project. Just now I am not sure about daily soaps. I have none yet on card that’s to my liking.

I am really happy you all loved the cooking show. :D

How about telling me about my roles played till date? Which of my roles to you was most likable one? I know most would come up with MJHT, :D but lets keep that aside. Besides Mayank, which other character is your favourite one?




Happy Holi to you all.

Written By: Arjun - Mar• 16•14

Wishing you all a very happy, vibrant and colourful Holi.

Have loads of fun but do play safe!

Do share how you all celebrated the festival.

Health is wealth for me!

Written By: Arjun - Jan• 29•14

Hello everyone,

Hope all of you are doing well. I am also back from my vacation and feeling quite top of the world.

I was going through your views in the last few topics. I saw one post, asking how I keep myself so fit and handsome. Well, today thought of taking that up with you all.

Friends, one rule I maintain always without fail, is to keep up with my daily exercises. I visit Gym regularly. Even when I might be shooting far off, and I am late in packing up, I make it a point not to miss my gym practice. Besides that I do maintain a healthy diet. Not that I am some diet freak, I don’t calculate calories while eating. But taking a balanced meal is something I try following. I make sure to add fruits, vegetables, to my daily diets.

When you are fit and healthy, you automatically look handsome and young. In our field of work, we have to make sure to stay fit and active. And believe me friends, being in good shape gives more energy, it brings in a sense of positivity and happiness!

So friends, here’s my secret of being always fit and active. How about you all? Hope you all also maintain a healthy life style??



My short film “I Guess…” is released. (Link added)

Written By: Arjun - Dec• 25•13

Hi everyone,

Wish you Merry Christmas. May good will, happiness and peace be upon all.

Long back I told you all about a short film I did. It was titled “I Guess”. The film was released today online. Sharing the link of the same with you all. Do give me the feedback.



Love you all,

Happy holidays!


Merry Christmas, off on a vacation!

Written By: Arjun - Dec• 23•13

Hello everyone,

Hope all of you are doing well. I know you all must be sad as the show Jo Biwi Se kare Pyaar is now over. Well friends, this was always a limited episode show. But the channel, seeing its popularity, extended for 15 more episodes. I am sure you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

From different quarters I am hearing how you all are requesting for its extension. It do feels nice, my heartfelt thanks for showing so much love!

Now that the show is over, I am also taking a break. Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar on TV might be over, the real life one starts. I’ll be going to Panchgani and later Goa with Neha for few days. I do plan to try out few recipes there for her. “Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar” in real life gets started now.

It’s holiday season, my best wishes to all. Wishing everyone a very Happy and Merry Christmas.

Take Care,



26/11 today, lets pay tribute to the martyrs!

Written By: Arjun - Nov• 26•13

Hi everyone,

I am sure you all are aware of the day today. Terrorists made one of tthe worse attacks on our country. Even today not all have been brought to book, we hope it’ll happen soon.

So many laid their lives while saving others. Many lost because of this bloody attack. My heart pains even today when I think of all that happened on that fateful day. Let us all pay tribute to all those martyrs with hope that such act of violence would not be repeated again.

Terrorism is a global problem. Let us pray it ends soon and world can see peace.



Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar – Loving it, how about you all?

Written By: Arjun - Nov• 23•13

Hello friends,

Hope all of you doing well.

How are you all finding my new show? Personally I am enjoying it a lot.

Shooting keeps me busy so unable to come here much. Yet I try to keep myself updated with all that you express.

Have a nice time.




Hello Friends, back after a LONG hiatus!

Written By: Arjun - Oct• 31•13

Dear ones,

Yes I am back and after a long break. The blog and site is going through few changes and then I was also busy after the wedding and other personal engagements. Hope you all would forgive me for this absence. I do promise to be back here on regular basis now on.

Today I am receiving n number of wishes from so many of you, already feeling quite overwhelmed with the love being showered. As you all are aware that I have started with the new show Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar. This birthday I decided to carry on with my work and not take any break. So at present, I am shooting for the show. Evening I am hoping to go out for dinner with Neha and celebrate the day.

Do keep watching the show and give me feedback. I’ll make sure to check this place and go through your feedbacks.

And I do promise to reply to all your wishes as I try doing each year. You all make me feel so loved and at top of the world.

Thanks everyone for the love showered. Pray this love remains forever!